Education Department



The Florida Holocaust Museum’s Education Department creates stimulating educational programs that engage learners through using highly developed materials on the Holocaust, Human Rights and Genocide studies.


As part of the Museum’s mission to educate all people to recognize the worth of human life as to prevent future genocides, we encourage teachers to integrate the history of the Holocaust, other genocides and human rights violations into their curriculum. Because human rights violations and genocides remain current events, students have the opportunity to actively engage in the subject matter.


It is our purpose to provide meaningful materials for students and teachers that provide a framework for teaching the lessons of the Holocaust.

These materials have been carefully and sensitively chosen to teach students how children their age, who were involved in this terrible time in history, were resourceful, responsible, and creative in order to survive. We have included literature that shows how others helped, the importance of immigration, and how students can take action in today’s world.


We know that teaching the Holocaust is a challenge of awesome proportions. The Holocaust must be brought into classrooms so students can learn to analyze the hatred and bigotry that can lead to genocide. Students are asked to make a lot of new choices and decisions. The materials provided will help them to see some of the possible effects of decisions they are making or that their peers are making.



Speakers' Bureau


To book a speaker:

Through its Speakers’ Bureau, Florida Holocaust Museum offers local schools and other organizations the opportunity to hear a Holocaust survivor. To arrange for a survivor to speak at your venue please contact Sandy Mermelstein at The Museum does not charge a speaker’s fee. We will make every effort to accommodate the requests we receive.

The Florida Holocaust Museum (the “Museum”) is not responsible for, and does not endorse, the personal views of any speakers who are solicited through the Museum Speakers’ Bureau and website.  The personal views of the speakers are theirs alone, and may not represent official positions of the Museum.