March of the Living


The March of the Living is a two-week journey for Jewish high school juniors and seniors through Poland and Israel that commemorates the Holocaust and celebrates Jewish statehood. The Florida Holocaust Museum sponsors the March of the Living for the Tampa Bay area, Survivors of the Holocaust accompany the teenagers on their journey.


The March of the Living is an internationally-renowned educational program launched in 1988 to teach high school students first-hand about the Holocaust and its impact on the creation of a Jewish homeland. During an emotional week in Poland, students will explore synagogues, museums and other historic Jewish sites. The focal point is a 3-kilometer March tracing the path Holocaust victims walked from the Auschwitz concentration camp to the gas chambers of Birkenau.


In Israel, the students will observe that nation's Memorial Day and celebrate its Independence Day, tour the Holocaust memorial at Yad Vashem, visit Masada and the Wailing Wall, swim in the Dead Sea, and bask in the pride this country evokes in its visitors.

 To register for he program and for more information please contact:

Jack Rosenbaum

Director of the March of the Living Southern Region U.S.A.

office: 561-852-6045