Sam Gross Summer Institute




 Due to a conference of the Association of Holocaust Organizations hosted by the Florida Holocaust Museum in June 2014, the Summer Institute will be postponed till June 2015.  We will be offering additional programs for teachers later in the summer. More information will be posted on the website soon.


Sam Gross Summer Institute on the History of the Holocaust, Human Rights, and Genocide Studies



Through the Institute, teachers begin an investigation of the history of the Holocaust, the systematic, planned annihilation of European Jews and other groups by Nazi Germany from 1933-1945. Participants will also broaden their depth of knowledge about current genocides and continued episodes of man’s inhumanity to man during the 20th and 21st centuries. This Institute includes a wide range of age-appropriate resources and strategies being modeled through exploration of the best practices in an integrated teaching model. Educators will be equipped to return to their classrooms with the knowledge and pedagogical resources to teach in a manner that leads to an investigation of the ramifications of prejudice, racism and stereotyping. Educators will examine what it means to be a responsible and respectful person for the purpose of encouraging diversity in a pluralistic society and for nurturing and protecting democratic values and institutions.


Who can apply? 


Any educator may apply. Spaces are limited. Applicants are chosen by a selection committee.
Please apply early!



What is the Participant’s Cost?


The full tuition for the Institute is covered by the Museum through school funding, private donations and other sponsorships. During the Institute you will receive reading materials, light breakfast and lunch daily.