Whoever Saves a Single Life


Whoever Saves a Single Life… Rescuers of Jews During the Holocaust showcases some of those rare – but exceedingly important – instances where people fought to safeguard their Jewish fellow citizens during the Holocaust.  In a time of overwhelming death and destruction, rescuers did not stand by silently.  They chose another way, and their bravery offers us a glimmer of hope. 


Whoever Saves a Single Life… Rescuers of Jews During the Holocaust is a non-linear exhibit, arranged thematically rather than chronologically, and is accessible to a variety of individuals, from middle school students to adults.  


  • The exhibition focuses on the following 12 topics/themes:
    • History of the Holocaust
    • The Jewish Foundation for the Righteous and its mission
    • Webs of Survival: Rescue Networks
    • Taking Action: Young Rescuers
    • Faith in Action: Religious Rescue
    • Shielding Our Citizens: Rescue in Denmark
    • Outwitting Evil: Ingenuity in Rescue
    • Against All Odds: Rescue in the Camps
    • From Words to Deeds: Americans in Europe
    • Defying Orders: Rescue in Uniform
    • Precarious Life: Shelter and Hiding
    • Envoys of Humanity: The Diplomats