there is no why here




Documentary photos and artifacts often speak for themselves and do not require discourse with their viewer. Likewise, in a digital age where photographs of the Holocaust are readily available, people can become desensitized to photographs of the Holocaust.  Art, on the other hand, requires a dialogue with its viewer, forming a bridge between knowing and understanding the history of the Holocaust.  Because of this, the Florida Holocaust Museum has had a long term commitment to collecting and exhibiting art about the Holocaust and other genocides and human rights abuses. 


There is no why here showcases just a small sampling of the Museum’s holdings.  Viewers can expect to see works by artists such as Samuel Bak, Kathe Kollwitz, Emanuel Romano, Daisy Brand, Maureen Drdak and more.  Works included in the show represent a number of different mediums including mixed media, sculpture, installation, painting and prints. 


On exhibit July 6, 2013 - September 8, 2013