Courage & Compassion:  The Legacy of the Bielski Brothers


The Florida Holocaust Museum is proud to offer its newest original exhibition, Courage & Compassion: The Legacy of the Bielski Brothers, as a traveling exhibit to other institutions. This unique multimedia exhibition, the only one exclusively focused on this inspiring story, appeals to a wide audience of visitors. The exhibit’s content includes an overview of the Holocaust within the history of the Bielski partisan group, and is well-suited to a broad range of hosting institutions. The exhibition’s design enhances the visitor experience.

Check out the website for this incredible exhibition:


  • More than 55 original artifacts, 100 photographs,maps and drawings.
  • Four video monitors showing survivor testimony and family footage
  • Environment compliments:  large graphic scenes, specialized lighting
  • 18 exhibition components, featuring panel, fabric, artifact cases and lighting.
  • Two models and two free-standing display cases


This exhibtion has been exhibited at institutions such as:

  • South Florida Fair
  • The Levine Museum of the New South, Charlotte, NC
  • Holocaust Memorial Center, Farmington Hills, MI