Resistance & Rescue Photographs by Judy Ellis Glickman


Through images and symbols, the horrors of the Holocaust are familiar to us all. Yet, too few of us are aware of the remarkable story of the flight of the Jews out of Denmark to safety in Sweden in the fall of 1943. The exhibition of photographs by Judy Ellis Glickman reopens a time in out history when the bravery of a few overcame the brutality of so many.


Without words, Glickman tells the story of the Rescue through pictorial observations. Using subtle manipulations of the photographic process, she captures the many emotions of the Rescue, as well as a stark reminder of what Hitler's Final Solution did achieve. Glickman also presents the concentration camps as cruel, empty places. In these images, we are reminded that without the courage of the Danish government and its people, the fate of Denmark's Jews would have been similar to that of so many of their European neighbors.


  • Exhibition includes 37 framed photographs
  • Exhibition ships in 3 crates
  • Requires approximately 150 linear feet
  • Loan fee - $1000 (plus freight)