Reflections Without a Voice Photographs by Marlyn Cheshes


Reflections Without a Voice is a series of beautifully rendered black and white photographs by artist Marlyn Cheshes, all arranged to tell a story. It begins in the old Ghetto of Kazimerz, proceeds through the camps, to the ashes of those who died in the camps, and concludes with a sign of hope for the future - an image of a young girl running across a field at Terezin. Each photograph includes a handwritten poem or quote.


The exhibition also includes Cheshes' forst sculpture, Shoah, created while in residence at the University of California at Irvine. Shoah is a maquette for an, as yet, uncommissioned monumental sculpture.


  • Exhibition includes 30 framed and matted black and white photographs, labels and 1 small scale bronze sculpture
  • Requires approximately 150 linear feet
  • Loan fee - $2000 (plus freight)