Kaddish in Wood Woodcarvings by Dr. Herbert Savel


Kaddish in Wood is an exhibition of handmade woodcarvings by Dr. Herbert Savel, a physician who lives and works in Elizabethtown, New York. Trained in the German woodcarving technique, Savel creates these three-dimensional reliefs after Holocaust-era photos of Nazi victims. While he has created several hundred of these woodcarvings, this exhibition is made up of 130 children, with a focus on the French.


Dr. Savel says, "the goal of my art project is to represent the Holocaust in terms that the human mind can comprehend. Through my art, the suffering is returned to the level of the individual and, the unimaginable atrocities of the Holocaust are, in essence, re-humanized."


  • Exhibition includes 130 woodcarvings, biography panel, teacher guide
  • Space Requirements Vary
  • Loan fee: $1000 (plus freight)


This exhibition has been shown at institutions such as:

  • Tampa Public Library
  • Jacksonville Public Library
  • ITOW Veterans Museum, Perham, Minnesota